Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Serious Business

Oh, right. The less fun stuff. The dash, headliner and door panels came out this weekend, requiring way more tools than it should have. But one of them was a hacksaw, so we got that going for us. Pretty sure I got to work the mallet in too.

It's not as much fun as a burnout, but it's not that difficult to take things apart. And the weather took a break from the previous day's 110 to give us 80s and a nice breeze.

It was a solid work weekend with a lot done by the end. As soon as I get some juice in the camera and a vacuum in the car, I'll drop some better pics of the naked interior. The car is pretty badass with nothing but painted sheet metal to look at inside.

More to come; I'm gonna let King Weston detail the aftermarket insulation we had to deal with. Sucka.

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