Monday, August 4, 2008

Blowing the Carbon Out

Long overdue test drive tonight.

Against us:
*Fix-A-Flat is holding up the rear tires.
*Brake fluid is mostly water.
*Brake booster is shot.
*Seatbelts can't even restrain themselves.
*Starter seems to be on the blink again. She cranked a few times, but after that, much like your mother, she wouldn't turn over without a push.

For us:
*Headlights work.
*Car is fast as shit.

Also, the high idle seems to have smoothed itself out. Apart from the slight temperament, this could be a daily driver.

Results below.


Mike Fassio said...

I didn't see and Foci around to aim the Mustag toward.

Ben said...


The braking has deteriorated from lousy to "hand-brake only," and that could go at any time. We tried not to aim it at anything more explosive than a curb.

King Weston said...

I'm really hating that Cricket.

phocis said...

Your car is now guaranteed to be at least the 2nd slowest thing to touch that track.

derf9350 said...

Hi if you are intrested in selling the steering wheel after the race contact me at i have been looking for one in good condition and good luck with the race