Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet our new team mascot

Pulling apart a dash is a lot of work. Even if you give zero regard to the eventual condition of said dash, its hard to pull out.
Ben and I spent the better part of a weekend hacking, prying, and sawing away at the monolith plastic/vinyl beast.

Hours into the work, and we almost had the dash free. I could pull the dash forward and see the finish line in sight. red paint! the fire wall! we're almost there!

After a few more hurried moments, I realized the insulation on the passenger side dash looked a little...off.
"Ben, confirm this for me. That.....stuff....right there. is that fur?"
"Oh man. Let me get the camera."

Well because yours truly is the only one with gloves, the honor of extracting our furry friend fell upon me. And it was gross. I could probably go into great detail on the texture, the rigidity, and other fun adjectives, but I'll spare you. It was gross.
How a squirrel ever managed to lodge itself so deep into the innards of the Mustag will forever be a mystery.

Pics are in the Mustag Gallery.

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