Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting Stronger

With all of the "necessary" safety items addressed during the last race, the team really has very little to do. At least half of our time is spent pulling pranks on our underpowered brethren, team I Wanna Roc.

Since we also had a garage full of questionable suspension components, we figured it couldn't hurt to throw 'em on and see if we can get the Mustag a little more nimble around the turns. Using the previously mentioned worn out shocks and sway bars, the car still sat way too tall. This is where MY expertise comes in.

People from Napa know Wine. People from San Diego surf and go to Glamis, brah.
I, however am from Manteca, California. Per capita NOBODY has more clapped out hoopties dropped to the ground than we do. Rather than spend money on fancy lowering springs, lets just cut off a coil or two.

Ben also took this time to cover up the damage from when he spun out, stalled, and was towed in last race. While he worked on that I watched Karate Kid. Our car needs a Cobra Kai logo now.


Ben said...

Why you wanna do me like that? See how you handle a Bavarian PIT. I'll have some choice words on the whiteboard for you.

Stuntman Mike said...

Pink and blue-gray are hardly Cobra Kai colors. I would hate to have to get you guys a body bag... yeah!

Whitney said...

Karate Kid....again Weston, so soon?

ThePerfectLine said...

Dude, you guys fixed the battle scar??!?!?!? I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand I like the idea of having a pristine car goin ginto a race, but on the other hand you earned that damage my man, that shit is a mark of success!

P.S. This time I will be bringing the Camera Mount and a couple of camera options, so I fully expect us to have multiple hours of footage to be laughing at after the race!