Thursday, February 19, 2009


So fans often ask me "Weston, if you only have 500 dollars to spend on your car, how can you possibly afford to make it go faster?"
The best part about LeMons is how complex that question really is. Truth be told, you can do nearly anything you want to the car so long as its not throwing money at it. LeMons encourages, nay, ADORES to see teams trying to implement banned or outlawed technology on their racecars.
So clearly we're looking to go fast on the cheap. Junkyards, Used Parts, Custom Fabrication, and Craigslist are the surest path to victory. To help free up some funds for these parts I decided to float a few craigslist ads to try and sell parts we weren't using. Window Glass, Fog Lights, Interior, we don't need any of this junk. Any money we make on it can go back towards the 500 dollar limit. Let me tell you, people really want Mid 80's GT parts.
The first big score was Mustang Dude. Mustang Dude responded to my ad and wanted to know about the race more than he wanted the parts. After telling him what we were really after (suspension upgrades) he loads up half his garage and drags a bunch of rusty, used sway bars and worn out shocks to Alameda. Straight up trade for the seats and seat belts.
Total cost: $0.00 RAD!

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