Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Slackers, with a Plan

I'm fully aware that there exists only 11 days before the green flag drops and The Lose hasn't made a blog update in some time. Theres probably 3 main reasons for this.
1. Warren's manifesto is a hard act to follow. Much like any musical number directly following an AC/DC concert, there's absolutely no chance the delivery of anything I might sputter could look any better than a 9 year old child's essay extolling the features of a Red Rider BB Gun. I was simply Thunderstruck.
2. We're behind schedule, and its embarrassing that I'm ordering parts I vowed would have been installed and tested months ago
3. We're out of time. Seriously, I don't have free time to extol on the silly antics we're up to, because its all business now. Free weekends are a distant memory. Personal project cars (continue to) rust away in the driveway. Families are preparing for an absolute lack of effort on the part of my Christmas gifts. Its been a tough 4-5 weeks. But the end is in sight. December 28th, it will be over.

Heres a list of what we're still looking to accomplish before the race.
Install Seat
Install Harness
Relocate Battery
Build kill switch
Install fire supression system
Change fluids (again)
Mount tires (#1 set)
Cut exhaust (glasspacks!)
Remove AC, bypass smog pump
Install new front lower control arms, springs, and sway bar
Fabricate rear strut tower brace
Have sweet decals printed, and applied
Install sound system
Clean up wiring

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