Monday, October 6, 2008

Dont Start Believin'

With the due date for our race application days away and the menacing V8 running occasionally flawlessly, Team Mustag decided to tackle the most difficult step in this project. Spending money. After trading phone calls with Autopower in San Diego I learned they are behind on production for roll cages, and that ours would not be arriving until mid October. This confirms my belief that 90% of their job consists of sitting at the beach eating fish tacos. [Editor's Note: If anybody from Autopower is reading this please see my attached resume here]

With nothing to do we decided to at least get the car painted and pretty for the selection committee of the 24 Hours of LeMons. As we all know, a proper racing paint job is the most effective way to pick up cute girls show competitors that you mean business.

Early Saturday morning I rolled into town with Jay, Ben, and Ryan and met up with my friend Beau. There are countless amazing facts about Beau, but for now I'll list 3 that are currently relevant.
    Beau Reynolds...
  1. is funny as hell.
  2. is a capable drinker.
  3. works for an auto paint retailer.
Beau's initial response to our plan of using rattle-can spray paint was that we "were all stupid. " I had no effective counter to his argument (in fact its probably true) so we borrowed a professional paint gun from his work and colored the Mustag up nicely. Its hard to deny that the car is looking good now, I just hope its not too good. I certainly don't want to give off the impression that we know what we're doing here.

Nonetheless, enjoy the pics.


Ryan said...

When I took off the beer goggles, and in the light of day, I discovered that the paint job is definitely not "too good." Any close inspection is probably to be avoided, but it definitely shines at 15 yards.

Arlen Swanson said...

I see you guys decided to go with the "Hello Kitty" theme.

Mandaline said...

That is a beautiful machine. Well done.

Sky said...

Was this another of Beau's cruel jokes? It's so androgynous now! I feel as if its name should be Pat.

PS: You forgot to mask off the tires.