Monday, June 9, 2008

Field of Dreams

Shortly after the Altamont 2008 24 Hours of LeMons, I received this little craigslist gem in my inbox.
"1985 5.0 Mustang - $500"

Oh god, this is perfect.
After sending multiple emails into the void, we finally hear back from the seller. Apparently, it had been sitting in his field in the middle of Butte county for at least 5 years, and did not currently run. The seller thinks there might be some electrical gremlins, and knows it will never pass smog in its current state.
All of these problems are a veritable shopping list for a prospective LeMons racer.
  • Lost Title
  • Can't Smog
  • Bored Owner
  • Questionable Street-worthiness

Yes. This should do nicely.
We can probably even get him to knock the price down a bit to give us some breathing room for some Junkyard Special suspension components.

Later that weekend, we send the Chico team to go pick her up. Jay rented a trailer and hooked it up to the Rolling Red State to go bring the Mustag home. (Incidentally, this would be the last masculine act Jay would ever perform, as he's now moved to San Francisco and traded his truck in for a Saab.)

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Jay said...

Hey! I don't know what you're talking about. I'm still masculine! I mean, yeah I went to AsiaSF last Friday, but that didn't mean anything!!